Fast and Furious Six

The film I have chosen is Fast and Furious 6
a. Identify three actors from your film and classify each according to the types of actors listed in your text.
One actor that I would say fits well into the wild card, and or a star role depending on the film, this would be Dwayne Johnson, then there is Paul Walker, he fit as a personality actor and last would be Vin Diesel as a wild card actor
b. Explain your reasons for classifying the actors as you do. Use specific references to the film and pay special attention to how these decisions impacted characterization. Also, consider the impact of any realistic or stylized portrayals within the film.
Starting with Dwayne Johnson, he began his career playing football to wrestling, then off to Hollywood as an actor. Some of the movies he has played in would be the scorpion king and the tooth fairy, although each of his movies has good fight scenes he can also be the loving caring type like he is in the tooth fairy and he can even do reality TV shows like The Hero where he gets the people on the show motivated to overcome their fears and become stronger as people.
Paul Walker was a well-known actor due to his performances in the Fast and Furious movies, prior to that he played in many smaller roles taking a long time before he was a lead actor. He began his career young starting in TV commercials to TV shows. Some of the roles he played were from 1998 Pleasantville as an innocent young man, high school football legend Lance Harbor in the 1999 film Varsity Blues. Most of his movies show him as a good guy, the same person he is on screen as he is off screen. To help with this he had a non-profit called reach out worldwide to reach less fortunate children a crossed the world.
Vin Diesel who is a wild card actor, he plays in many different films from fast racing movies like Fast and Furious to Pitch Black and XxX each of his movies though have left an impression on society. I had a hard time deciding on this though because he also fits the role of a personality actor, being that he started acting at a young age and it took him years before he made his mark on the film industry, but what changed this for me was when he played chronicles of Riddick and was nominated as the worst actor
c. Focus on one of the actors you’ve discussed. Based on other films the actor has been in, would this actor always be placed in the same category? If so, what does this say about the category or actor? If not, what can you infer about the flexibility of these categories? Provide evidence (references from other films, including film clips and stills) to support your argument.
I would like to focus on Dwane Johnson and I would say that yes being a wild card he would be the same for each film, some people would see him in a certain field but he does have a wide variety of films like the tooth fairy leaving him with the wild card category.


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