Fast & Furious Six

The film I plan to use is Fast & Furious 6, the main actors in it would be Vin Diesel, Paul Walker Dwayne Johnson, Chris Bridges, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Michelle Rodriguez, Luke Evans, Gina Carano and John Ortiz. The writer of this movies screen play is Chris Morgan and the director is Justin Lin and the movie was released in 2013. The film follows a chronological order however was released out of chronological order for the whole series of films. One of the main reasons for this was because the third movie released took a whole turn into a new direction with other actors and many people felt disappointed but to bring back the power of the beginning two I believe they created a story that blended several movies together to make one long story line from different peoples’ views. Without following chronological order during the movie I feel that the movie would not make sense to people. When (Dwayne Johnson) or Hobbs comes to (Vin Diesel) or Torreto to tell him he wants to work with him, this took a major turn in character development from prior films because the once good guy is now teaming up with the bad guy to catch a new bad guy at this point in the series of movies not too many people expected something like this, but because this happened it allowed for a more in depth view of each of the characters of what they are willing to fight for and how far they are willing to go to do what they feel is right. Now it may be because I love this movie and series I don’t see how they could have played this movie any better if they had gone more with a less suspenseful story line I feel that the series would have come to an end, but because they didn’t this movie brought people to the edge of their seats to watch it.



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